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B.F. Goodrich was born as Goodrich, Tew & Co on the final day of 1870. The company started out as a rubber manufacturer, and B.F. Goodrich was the first rubber manufacturer west of the Appalachian mountains. In 1874 the company, Goodrich, Tew & Co, was renamed B.F. Goodrich after the founder Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich.

B.F. Goodrich started by making bicycle tires, but after a brief period of time as bicycle tire manufactures B.F. Goodrich turned to the automobile industry.

Through diversification throughout the automobile market, including publishing maps and guidebooks they, together with other rubber manufacturers, took part in the good roads movement promoting highway improvements. Later, B.F Goodrich products became important in the aircraft industry, more notably helping Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic: His aircraft, spirit, was fitted with B.F Goodrich tires.

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Today B.F. Goodrich is a multinational tire manufacturer with its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Goodrich employs about 23,000 people in 180 facilities across 20 countries, and ranks approximately 300 on Fortune Magazine's list of America's largest companies.

As a leading manufacture of tires for the automobile industry B.F. Goodrich manufactures tires for a range of different vehicles including Family car, Sports car, trucks and SUV’s, as well as supplying each type of vehicle with various styles and types of tire for varying handling needs, road conditions and weather.

Although popular for automobiles B.F Goodrich tires are also used profusely in the aviation industry.

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