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Shojiro Ishibashi founded the Bridgestone Tire Co. Ltd, in Kurume, Japan in 1931. This company, later renamed Bridgestone Corporation, started out as a rubber-soled footwear manufacturers.

The move into tire manufacturing was a huge success and was widely recognized, with the tires being adopted by the three leading automakers in Japan at the time: General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.

Expanding and diversifying into sporting goods and other rubber products by the 1960s, Bridgestone saw rapid international growth along with the Japanese auto industry.

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Bridgestone entered the U.S. market in 1967 and in 1988 purchased the Firestone Tire Company for $2.6 billion. The new company was now the world’s largest tire and rubber company and other the next decade continued to build on its success eventually moving its headquarters’ to Nashville in 1992.

Catering to almost all the needs of the automotive industry, Bridgestone supplies tires for passenger cars, light and commercial trucks, SUV, agriculture and motorsport; most notably Formula 1 racing.

Bridgestone has always been dedicated to advancing tire technology, and over the course of its illustrious history it has developed technologies that have addressed important features including, wet handling and traction, tire punctures, tire wear, ride comfort, noise reduction and many more.

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