"CM62" item of “Tires Guide” catalog.

Tire Nexen WinGuard 235 70 16
Brand: Nexen
Model: WinGuard
Type: Touring Winter
Width: 235mm
Profile: 70%
Diameter: 16″
Price Per Tire: 84.40$
Set of 4: 337.6$
Buy Again: 64%
Comfort: 66%
Feedback: 66%
Wear: 80%
Wet Road: 62%
Dry Road: 66%
Progressiveness : 58%

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CM6-266  CM6-26O  CM6-26Z  CM6-26Y  CM6-26H  CM6-26T  CM6-26S  CM6-262  CM6-26P  CM6-26Q  CM6-26M  CM6-26V  CM6-268  CM6-263  CM6-26E  CM6-26L  CM6-261  CM6-26B  CM6-26D  CM6-26J  CM6-26C  CM6-267  CM6-26N  CM6-26R  CM6-260  CM6-26F  CM6-26A  CM6-26G  CM6-26I  CM6-26U  CM6-264  CM6-269  CM6-26K  CM6-26X  CM6-26W  CM6-265 
CM6-2O6  CM6-2OO  CM6-2OZ  CM6-2OY  CM6-2OH  CM6-2OT  CM6-2OS  CM6-2O2  CM6-2OP  CM6-2OQ  CM6-2OM  CM6-2OV  CM6-2O8  CM6-2O3  CM6-2OE  CM6-2OL  CM6-2O1  CM6-2OB  CM6-2OD  CM6-2OJ  CM6-2OC  CM6-2O7  CM6-2ON  CM6-2OR  CM6-2O0  CM6-2OF  CM6-2OA  CM6-2OG  CM6-2OI  CM6-2OU  CM6-2O4  CM6-2O9  CM6-2OK  CM6-2OX  CM6-2OW  CM6-2O5 
CM6-2Z6  CM6-2ZO  CM6-2ZZ  CM6-2ZY  CM6-2ZH  CM6-2ZT  CM6-2ZS  CM6-2Z2  CM6-2ZP  CM6-2ZQ  CM6-2ZM  CM6-2ZV  CM6-2Z8  CM6-2Z3  CM6-2ZE  CM6-2ZL  CM6-2Z1  CM6-2ZB  CM6-2ZD  CM6-2ZJ  CM6-2ZC  CM6-2Z7  CM6-2ZN  CM6-2ZR  CM6-2Z0  CM6-2ZF  CM6-2ZA  CM6-2ZG  CM6-2ZI  CM6-2ZU  CM6-2Z4  CM6-2Z9  CM6-2ZK  CM6-2ZX  CM6-2ZW  CM6-2Z5 
CM6-2Y6  CM6-2YO  CM6-2YZ  CM6-2YY  CM6-2YH  CM6-2YT  CM6-2YS  CM6-2Y2  CM6-2YP  CM6-2YQ  CM6-2YM  CM6-2YV  CM6-2Y8  CM6-2Y3  CM6-2YE  CM6-2YL  CM6-2Y1  CM6-2YB  CM6-2YD  CM6-2YJ  CM6-2YC  CM6-2Y7  CM6-2YN  CM6-2YR  CM6-2Y0  CM6-2YF  CM6-2YA  CM6-2YG  CM6-2YI  CM6-2YU  CM6-2Y4  CM6-2Y9  CM6-2YK  CM6-2YX  CM6-2YW  CM6-2Y5 

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