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In 1904 Continental produced the first automobile tire with a patterned tread. This technology lead to its successful use in early racing cars.

Destruction of the Hanover-Vahrenwald and Korbach plants during world war 2 set back production of Continental tires, however the company bounced back and in 1955 Continental became the first German company to start manufacturing tubeless tires.

Building on its growing reputation Continental eventually acquired a number of other companies including: The European tire operations for UniRoyal, Austrian tire operations of Semperit and Ohio’s General Tire.

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Continental Tire is now a truly multinational company with factories in a multiple of countries throughout the globe.

Catering to general car, SUV, off road vehicle and light truck, Continental tires are used throughout the world, on various makes of automobiles.

Continental also produces tires for bicycle, motorbike and agricultural products.

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