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The Dunlop Rubber Company has a proud and illustrious history. Founded by John Boyd Dunlop in 1888, Dunlop was the first company to produce a commercially viable pneumatic tire.

In 1889 Dunlop opened its first tire plant in Dublin, and its first factory in Birmingham just two years later. From then on, Dunlop's growth was swift.

By 1908 Dunlop had developed the first tire with metal rivets, then followed this by increasing the life span of the tires.

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Dunlop’s rise through the world of tire manufacturing was taken note of in 1927. That year, Major H.O.D. Seagrave used Dunlop’s newly developed high-speed tire to set a new world record speed of 326,6 km/h.

By the late 1940’s Dunlop had developed tubeless tires that restrained air loss when the tire was damaged.

1960 saw the birth of a new discovery by Dunlop: the aquaplaning. This discovery was a worldwide sensation, which lead to tires being developed to minimize the risk of aquaplaning

Through the course of the next 50 years Dunlop continued to grow and diversify, moving into other areas of manufacture and creating new discoveries.

Dunlop has now established operations in Germany, France, Canada, Australia, USA, and production facilities throughout the globe. These facilities are helping to continue the work of Dunlop’s founders and provide tires for a range of different vehicles including: SUV’s, Passenger cars, motorcycles and sports cars.

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