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Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar Tire and information.


Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar Tire priced from $211.00 to $383.00. Goodyear introduced its first Eagle F1 tires as original equipment on the 200 mph McLaren F1 in 1995. Since then they’ve added Eagle F1 Fiorano tires specifically developed for several Ferrari models, as well as, Eagle F1 Supercar tires for the Shelby Series 1 and Chevrolet Corvette ZO6.While only the Shelby Series 1 and Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 tires are actually identified with the “Supercar” name branded on their sidewall, all Eagle F1, Eagle F1 Fiorano and Eagle F1 Supercar tires are combined into Goodyear’s “Eagle F1 Supercar” family that includes the following original equipment applications:Eagle F1 McLaren F1Eagle F1 FioranoFerrari F50Ferrari F355Ferrari F360Ferrari F550The Fiorano (fi o ran’ o) name for the Ferrari tires is used in honor of Ferrari’s Fiorano proving grounds. The tires for McLaren and Ferrari vehicles feature very large tread blocks formed into asymmetric

Whether you’re looking for new tires for your sedan, sports car, truck or SUV, buying tires has never been so simple. There’s a simple test that you can perform to figure out whether or not you need new tires. Insert a penny head first into the tire where it’s showing the most wear, and if the tread is not deep enough to at least touch the top of Lincoln’s head then you should replace it.

Because all four tires should be the same brand, line, size and speed rating, it’s always best to purchase all of them at the same time. If you’re only looking to replace one or two, on the other hand, replace them with the exact same tire as the others, and keep in mind that new tires are best placed on the rear axle. You must also consider the size of the tire because you don’t want one that’s either too large or too small. Undersized tires will have difficulty carrying the weight of the vehicle and its load, while oversized tires can cause serious problems with handling and steering. Information about your tires can be found directly on the tire, but if you’ve bought a used car, make sure to double check the owner’s manual as the wrong sized tires may have been put on.

Tires also need to be appropriate for your driving style and the conditions in which you drive. During bad winters, a good set of winter or all season tires can be key, otherwise driving at this time of year can prove perilous. Winter tires are designed with a special tread to handle cold temperatures and prevent snow buildup. On ice, slush, or unplowed snow, they can provide you with extra traction, handling, and braking. If your car’s fishtailing or spinning out during the winter months, winter tires are for you. Rather than being designed for one specific weather condition, like winter tires, all season tires are designed to be adequate in all weather. If you live in a particularly wet climate or in a location that gets a relatively small amount of snow, all season tires could be right for you.

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