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Hoosier A3S03 Tire and information.


Hoosier A3S03 Tire priced from $154.00 to $316.00. The Hoosier R3S03 and A3S03 radials are Hoosier's latest generation of DOT legal competition tires. The R3S03 (Racing) tire features a tread compound suitable for track and road racing applications, while the A3S03 (Autocross) tire features a tread compound tuned for autocross competition. The Hoosier R3S03 and A3S03 are the lightest of the DOT legal competition tires.All Hoosier Sports Car DOT radials have passed DOT requirements but have a special tread compound to facilitate racing. Due to this special compound, these tires are not suitable for highway use as the expected miles of wear of these tires is greatly reduced. The R3S03 and A3S03 tires feature an asymmetric tread design (which looks directional, but isn't) and can be used on either side of the car. They are molded with a tread depth of just 4/32' so they will not require shaving for competition, however they will benefit from heat cycling before competition to enhance.

Whether you’re looking for new tires for your sedan, sports car, truck or SUV, obtaining tires has never been so simple. If you’re wondering whether or not you need a new set of tires, there’s a simple test that you can perform. Insert a penny head first into the tire’s most worn area, and if the tread is not deep enough to at least touch the top of Lincoln’s head then it’s time to replace.

When selecting new tires for your vehicle, it’s always best to purchase all four tires at the same time so that they’re the same brand, line, size and speed rating. If you’re only looking to replace one or two, on the other hand, make sure that you exchange them with the exact same tire as the others, and keep in mind that new tires are best fitted on the rear axle. You must also consider the size of the tire because you don’t want one that’s either too large or too small. Undersized tires will have difficulty carrying the weight of the vehicle and its load, while oversized tires can cause serious problems with handling and steering. Information about your tires can be found on the tire, but if you’ve bought a used car, be sure to double check the owner’s manual as the wrong sized tires may have been put on.

Aside from just being appropriate for your vehicle, tires also need to be appropriate for your driving style and your driving conditions. During bad winters, a good set of winter or all season tires can be key, otherwise driving at this time of year can be dangerous. On ice, slush, or unplowed snow, winter tires can provide extra traction, braking and handling. They’re also designed with a special tread to prevent snow buildup and handle cold temperatures. For those who are always fishtailing or spinning out during the winter months, winter tires are for you. Unlike winter tires, all season tires are designed to be adequate in all weather rather than in one specific weather condition. If you are located in a particularly wet climate or in a location that gets a relatively small amount of snow, all season tires could be right for you.

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