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Founded in 1872 as a company that manufactures and sells elastic rubber goods, Pirelli has risen to such heights that it is now among the world’s top tire manufacturers. With 22 factories around the world and employing approximately 20, 000 employees globally, Pirelli has been recognized by the automotive industry for its leadership. Currently, all of the major car manufacturers around the world fit Pirelli tires as Original Equipment. Additionally, Pirelli is the market leader in both the Original Equipment and Replacement car tire segments.

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Equally known for its innovative advertising, Pirelli has been producing quality tires for decades. The company has played an international leadership position among car tire manufacturers and has made significant contributions to the development of tire quality and performance. Offering a wide array of tires that correspond to your vehicle, Pirelli offers tires based on these categories: passenger car, light truck, medium heavy truck, motocross, and motorsport. As the company continues to move forward, the car tire consumer can expect to see new Pirelli car tires that offer innovative, advanced features designed to give the car driver peace of mind.

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