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Since 1917, the Yokohama Rubber Company has been providing quality tires to the world. For this reason, the company is currently the world’s seventh largest tire manufacturer. The global expansion of this company took a huge step in 1969, when the Yokohama Rubber Company established Yokohama Tire Corporation. Yokohama Tire Corporation is the Yokohama Rubber Company’s North American manufacturing and marketing arm.

Despite its relatively young age, Yokohama Tire Corporation has exploded in growth. North Americans have responded positively to Yokohama’s dedication in producing high quality tires for their vehicles. The Yokohama tire is renowned for its quality and for giving its owners peace of mind when driving.

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Yokohama ’s tire success can be traced back to their simple corporate philosophy of creating quality. A dedication to using the latest manufacturing equipment and technology combined with a highly trained, skilled workforce has been the basis for Yokohama’s ability to produce quality tires. This dedication to producing top quality tires is only matched by Yokohama’s commitment to innovation. For these reasons, Yokohama is one of the most revered tire companies in North America and the world. Their reputation continues to be enhanced by the release of two breakthrough performance oriented products, the AVSD ES-100 and Geolandar H/T-s.

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