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Yokohama Geolandar A/T Plus II Tire and information.


Yokohama Geolandar A/T Plus II Tire priced from $61.00 to $136.00. Some tires only run the Baja during the races. The Yokohama Geolandar A/T+ conquers it everyday. That’s because day after day, when Wide Open Baja off-road tours help off-road driving enthusiasts experience the challenge and thrill of following the Baja 1000 race course, they equip their custom built Baja race-cars with Geolandar A/T+ Off-Road All-Terrain light truck tires. Their tire choice isn’t too hard to understand when you realize that the Geolandar A/T+ features Yokohama’s latest technology to blend solid off-road traction with stable on-road performance.The Geolandar A/T+ uses an enhanced tread compound with increased durability for longer wear without sacrificing wet or dry traction. Its tread pattern combines large independent center blocks and long curved shoulder blocks to enhance handling, highway stability and comfort on the road.

Whether you’re looking for new tires for your sedan, sports car, truck or SUV, purchasing tires couldn’t be simpler. There’s a simple test that you can perform to figure out whether or not you need new tires. Insert a penny head first into the part of the tire showing the most wear, and if the tread is not deep enough to at least touch the top of Lincoln’s head then it’s time for a new tire.

All four tires should be the same brand, line, size and speed rating. Because of this, it’s always best to purchase all four tires at the same time. If you’re only looking to replace one or two, on the other hand, replace them with the exact same tire as the others, and keep in mind that new tires should be put on the rear axle. Size is also an important factor. Tires that are too large can cause serious handling and steering problems. Undersized tires, on the other hand, will have difficulty carrying the weight of the vehicle and its load. Information about your tires can be found directly on the tire, but if you’ve bought a used car, also look in the owner’s manual as the wrong sized tires may have been put on.

Tires should not only be the right ones for your vehicle, but also for your driving style and your driving conditions. For winter driving, a good set of winter or all season tires can be key, otherwise driving at this time of year can be dangerous. On ice, slush, or unplowed snow, winter tires can provide extra traction, braking and handling. They’re also designed with a special tread to prevent snow buildup and handle cold temperatures. If you’re often fishtailing or spinning out during the winter months, winter tires are for you. Unlike winter tires, all season tires are designed to be adequate in all weather rather than in one specific weather condition. For driving in a particularly wet climate or in a location that gets a relatively small amount of snow, all season tires may work for you.

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